Support the Next Generation of Nole Nurses

During this National Nurses Week, we wanted to take the time to appreciate you and your contributions to the profession, in addition to shining a light on the next generation of Nole nurses. By making a gift to the College of Nursing General Development fund, your gift goes to work right away, allowing Dean Wang to address the highest areas of need within the college and supporting current FSU nursing students on their journey to academic and professional excellence.

Make a gift of $10 to celebrate the next generation of Nole nurses and to secure your very own “I heart Nole Nurses” lanyard!

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College of Nursing General Development Fund (F04552)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum gift amount?

Yes, Noles must make a gift of $10 or more to receive their “I heart Nole Nurses” lanyard.

When will I receive my lanyard?

Your “I heart Nole Nurses” lanyard should arrive in the mail within six to eight weeks after you have made your gift.

Can I get more than one lanyard?

Yes, but only if you make separate transactions each time. Only one “I heart Nole Nurses” lanyard will be mailed per transaction.

Can you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship internationally at this time.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. You will receive a tax receipt via email after you make a gift. However, please note that there was an exchange of goods and services upon your donation. The fair market value ($2) of the items we provide will reduce your gift's tax credit, per federal tax regulations.

What if I don’t want the lanyard and I just want to make my gift to support Nole Nurses?

Thank you for your support! You can make your gift at

What will my gift support?

Your gift to the College of Nursing General Development fund will help to support current nursing students enrolled at FSU.

How do I verify or change my mailing address after my gift had been processed?

For any inquiries regarding your mailing address, please email and a team member will respond and verify the received information. Thank you!

If I still have a question, how can I get in touch?

Please contact our Annual Giving team by email at or by phone at 1-850-644-2822.